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Flexibility is Not Genetic by Lucas

Forget The Rumors: Flexibility Is Not Something You Either Have Or
Don’t Have – Like Red Hair Or Clef Chin.

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I don’t care if your mom is stiff…

… or if your dad can’t touch his toes. Flexibility is not genetic!

My older brother, Ryan, can drop down into the full side-splits (that’s impressive), while my younger brother, Mike, has a hard time touching his toes.

Genetically, these two are 99.9% alike, so why the difference? Well, Ryan stretches and Mike doesn’t. It’s that simple.

Forget the rumors: flexibility is not something you either have or don’t have – like red hair or a clef chin. Flexibility is developed through physical practice and proper diet. Nothing else.

What does that mean? Well if you did ballet as and ate a macrobiotic diet, then sure, you’ll probably have an easier time with stretches.

Here’s how it works: people move their limbs through a wide range of motion on a regular basis tend to be really flexible… the rest of us tend to be stiff.

So obviously, if you want to improve your flexibility, you need to start stretching. That’s probably not news to you–but maybe this is:

Here’s a tip you can use tomorrow:

Try drinking green juice before you stretch (like at least 30 minutes before). These are my favorites: wheatgrass, spinach, kale, and parsley juice.

I don’t have space here to explain to here why green juices make you bendy, but trust me, they do.

If you’re interested in the theory behind green juices and other “flexibility foods,” I go into more detail on page 12 of the YOGABODY Handbook (which I’m giving away free of charge by the way in my YOGABODY Flexibility Kit).

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