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Defining Curative Yoga By Gunjan Massey

Yoga Activates The Energy That Has Languished And
Accumulated In The Body, Responsible For Developing Diseases.

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More often than not, the western world practices yoga as yet another form of exercise, without evaluating the underlying theory behind this popular program. During yoga the physical self amalgamates with the conscious and liberates from the boundaries of space and time. Hence, the yogic philosophy gyrates around the concept of cause-effect relationship i.e. Karma and Reincarnation. A divine science that originated in 3000 B.C.,and documented in the Upanishads.

Is yoga exclusively an exercise extracted from the East? Or it has an essential purpose and meaning in our lives?

Yogic exercises expel the poisonous substances from the body, and purifies the body, mind and consciousness. 

Curative yoga activates the energy that has languished and accumulated in the body, responsible for developing diseases. It liberates the torpid energy and balances the neuro-hormones and body metabolism.

Furthermore, it improves the health of body organs and systems essential for vigorous life. It is a wholesome form of exercise that connects the body, mind and consciousness; enhances concentration; cures diseases and regresses the aging process.

Warrior, corpse, camel, locust; dog face down, anulom vilom and west posture are few yogic exercises that helps improves circulation, cardiovascular function and cures respiratory diseases.

Since, these exercise positions concentrate on squatting on hand, which assists in toning the muscles of the back, arms, abdomen and legs. Consequently, improving the digestive system, aids in weight loss and makes the body supple and flexible.

Enroll in a yoga class and drive soak up the benefits of this holistic healing process.

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