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At Last! Breakthrough Information About Water Memory.

Water Filters Removes Impurities. However, Negative Energies In
Drinking Water Has Long Term Effects On Our Health.

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water memory

Most folks greatest effort in health sustenance focuses on achieving clean water. Hence, the birth of all sorts of water filters.

Although achieving clean water is important. What is even more important is having healthy water.

The health factor of water relies heavily on an important discover called water memory.

This has great implications to our health because we get our life force energy from water.

Unfortunately, our tap water delivers ‘dead water’ since it contains mostly negative energies.

So what is this new phenomenon?

Water combines with almost everything it comes in contact with. Consequently, there is not such a thing as "pure" water in nature as it gets 'imprinted' even on its brief contact moments with air or any other substances. These water messages are residual vibrations from the substances that it has been in contacted with.

Water is especially beneficial to us when it absorbs vibrations from sunlight. The vibration caused by sunlight causes a hyperstate of the water molecules allowing them to absorb energized oxygen, CO2 and warmth. Hence, water is important in providing us this hidden natural source of energy creating the energy balance we need for good health.

Nevertheless, through the vibrational ‘water memory effect’, hidden message of water contaminant, including information of polarity is retained in the water molecule. These harmful energetic memory from water's exposure to chemicals or heavy metals are left to linger in water memory long after its contact with those harmful substances, even if such substances have been removed from the water through distillation, reverse osmosis, filtering etc.

If this harmful vibrational energy is constantly exposed to us, water looses its potential as one of our most powerful natural cures!

Our tap water is feeding us poison!

I know you have heard of chloride but have you heard of THMs?

According to National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF), a non-profit body, chlorine in our treated water transforms to Tri Halo Methane (THMs) when it is exposed to sun during its stretchous journey to our tap. THMs have been documented to be carcinogenic. Water memory store this energy even after filtration and if not removed has implications to our health.

THMs is just one of many disinfection byproduct. Due to the carcinogenic potential of these compounds, federal regulations in the United States of America require regular monitoring of the concentration of these compounds in the distribution systems of municipal water systems. continue

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