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Toxemia Is A 7 Stage Progression To Chronic Diseases.

Chronic Diseases Like Cancer Is Caused By The Build Up Of Toxins In The Body. Discover Why Our Healthy Body Accumulates Toxins.

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So what has the concept of toxemia got to do with energy healing

It is in fact the very cause!

According to Dr. J.H. Tilden, the process of toxins building up starts from a state of low energy in the body.

This state is known as enervation. 

The importance of energy to our health is in fact the fundamental truth used by varios other alternative healing like chinese natural cures and chakra energy healing.

This health concept no longer confines us to the bio-chemical and organic boundaries western medicine bind us to. 

Our source of vital energy includes living foods as well as sunshine, fresh air, and pure water.

Disharmony of our vital energy is a result of insufficiency of this energy or we are using up too much of it.

This energy is used for digestion, thinking, metabolism, elimination and movement. Elimination is a natural process that the body takes to constantly keep our internal environment clean. Nevertheless, when there is lack of vital energy, the body often chooses to reduce elimination. If elimination is reduced due to enervation, toxins that are not eliminated will accumulate in the body.

Overtime, if toxins build up, toxemia occurs.

This in turn starts a whole chain reaction that eventually leads to illnesses like cancer!

According to Dr. J.H. Tilden, there is a seven-stage process that leads up to illness.

Stage 1: Enervation

Stage 2: Toxemia

Stage 3: Irritation

Stage 4: Inflammation

Stage 5: Ulceration

Stage 6: Induration

Stage 7: Fungation

Toxins come from our own metabolism as well as from chemicals we ingest through our food and water. The body has a duty to keep our internal environment free from these toxins. 

However, when it is unable to eliminate it fast enough, it triggers disease. continue

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