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Toxemia Explained By Dr. J.H. Tilden

Nobel Prize Winner Proves That He Can
Reverse Cancer Cells By Exposing To Oxygen.

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previous The first is an acute type, where we get symptoms like colds, flu or measles. The second type is called the "chronic" type. This is where the body starts to degenerate as the toxins, which are not eliminated, are stored in the body organs. Often it is stored in our fat reserves. However, it also tends to find the weakest organ in our body and gets deposited there. This internal pollution affects our cells ability to receive oxygen and nutrition for its proper functioning.

As this continues, the illness will build up leading to heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, etc.

If our body is still in an enervated state, this accumulation of toxins continues and more of these wastes are deposited in the extra cellular space. Hence, the body tries to dilute the effects of the toxins by flooding the area with water. As a result, there is poor oxygenation, lack of nutrition and accumulation of excess water in the tissues.

This gives rise to the symptom of pain. 

This pain is a signal the body is telling us that it is irritated because of the lack of food, lack of oxygen and the increased pressure due to water that is being retained.

The next stage is inflammation. Conventional medicines often refer to this with a suffix of "-itis". I.e. if the skin is inflamed, it is called dermatitis, if the stomach is inflamed, it is called gastritis etc.

In conventional medicine, inflammation is often associated with bacteria. 

However, it is this inflammation that allowed bacteria to infect.

After inflammation, the body continues to degenerate leading to ulceration. Ulceration can occur to any body tissue and it is usually painful and serious. The modern surgeon's solution is often to remove this pain... cut it out! So when we cut it out, that bag of toxins along with the tissue is being removed. Hence, the pain disappears, at least for now.

Alternatively, the ulcer may present as a wound opening through the skin where the toxin are transported and eliminated to the outside until the level of toxemia is acceptable. 

Nevertheless, we often unhealthily suppress this by applying antibiotic creams and lotions. Hence, the toxins are prevented from being eliminated.

In the sixth stage, our cells indurate. Induration is a thickening and hardening of the tissues in an effort to protect themselves. This is typically seen as callous if we frequently walk barefoot. The skin on our foot will thicken and harden where walking barefoot will not be uncomfortable anymore.

The final stage after induration is fungation or commonly know as cancer. As the cells in the tissues are lack of oxygen and nutrients as well as working under pressure, it converts to working anaerobically. When this happens, the cells main function is just to prolong and extend its' life and does not carry out its normal duties.

Hence, cancer is really a consequence of toxemia. 

The work of Noble Prize winner Warburg proves this conclusively when he turned normal cells to cancer cells by depriving it oxygen. He then demonstrated that he could reverse cancer cells to normal cells again by slowly exposing them to oxygen.

Lastly, it is important to note that the entire process of toxemia starts from the low state of energy. It is therefore critical that we take every effort to ensure that we keep our vital energy high and balanced.

In fact, ancient medicine like Chinese natural cures and chakra energy healing has applied this secret of energy for centuries.

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