I lost 16kg in just 18 months! All I did was to use QueFIR sauna on an average of 6 times a week. Of course, I just needed to be a little bit more watchful of my diet and the results were amazing! Looking back, it was worth it!

Although loosing weight was my priority, the sauna spared me time to relax, rejuvenate and pamper myself to unwind and release stress. Interestingly, it was also getting rid of all the toxins that has accumulated in my body.

Hence, it gave me good health. I was not sick throughout the 12 months using the sauna and it helps me with managing my high blood pressure. Besides that, I also noticed that my skin is smoother and my fingernails don’t crack easily.

I love this totally natural mechanism for detoxification and relish in the fact that each drop of polluted sweat leaving my bodies brings me one step closer to the true health I deserve.