Gaining weight is a serious concern for me as I love to eat and I tend to eat sumptuously. I did 'try' to go jogging once a week to lose my weight. However, due to my busy lifestyle like the job and ferrying my children for tuition day in day out, it's challenging to squeeze time out to exercise!

After attending a health seminar, I realized the importance of losing my body weight especially visceral fat and it is critical I act on it! If I don't, I am at risk of getting all sorts of health conditions like heart attack.

So I decided to lose weight using QueFIR sauna. It's amazing, just 8 sessions, I lost 2.8kg, from 72.8 to 70kg. My waist line reduced as my pants is all loose. I didn't expect it but my skin texture has improved dramatically especially when the blackspots at my back disappeared. 

I am happy about the results and I will continue to exercise in the sauna.

Hii Yii Sing