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Qi Healing For Warts

Although I Am Not Totally Free Of Skepticism, I Have To Admit That
BQRT Did Indeed Help To Cure My Skin Disorder.

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My skin disorder, which was confined to my left hand, first surfaced over 6months ago. It manifested as warts and scaly-flaky blisters. I consulted a skin specialist who diagnosed that there were two conditions i.e. warts, and the other being due to some form of genetic disorder of the skin, and thereafter prescribed some medication.

I applied the medication diligently for about three weeks. There was no improvement for either condition, even after I tried liquid nitrogen freezing. Although the skin disorder was not physically uncomfortable, it did however make me feel socially and psychologically uncomfortable.

Denver did a Blocked Qi Release Technique (BQRT) for me on two occasions i.e. one around 4 Feb 2014, and another one on 8 Feb 2014. I then was rather skeptical, but I promised him I would monitor my condition to see if there would be any improvement.


Well, as you can see from the photos taken from 10 Feb to 1 April 2014 as catalogued, there was, much to my surprise, much improvement. There has been no recurrence since the last photo taken on 1 April 2014. In fact, of today, see the latest photo dated 7 July 2014, there is no indication at all that I have suffered the skin disorder before.

I would conclude by stating that although I am not totally free of skepticism, I have to admit that energy healing through the BQRT as had been done for me by Denver did indeed help to cure my skin disorder, after having first gone through a course of treatment using conventional medication which didn’t work.

I am truly appreciative of Denver having shown me, and helped me cure my skin disorder using, the power of energy healing through BQRT.

Lim Kock Hooi

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