Hi, my name is Shu Wen. I had a few encounter with the amazing Beauty Wand.

Firstly, last August, I fell down in front of my apartment. My leg was swollen and bruised. I wasn't even able to walk properly.

I used the Beauty Wand to on my leg.

It was amazing as just in half and hour, the pain disappeared. After a week, the bruise disappeared. 

Usually, it will takes 2 to 3 weeks for me to recover. However, with the Beauty Wand, it was only 1 week to recover.

Secondly, I went bowling with my friends. In just an hour, I accidentally pulled a muscle around my waist while I was swinging the ball. 

It was excruciatingly painful! 

Fortunately, I brought out my beauty wand and started continuously wanding my waist. In just half an hour, my pain had reduced significantly. By the following day, the pain had totally disappeared.

Thanks to Beauty Wand.

Shu Wen