My name is Siew Hua, 48 years old. I'm a user of QueFIR Sauna. I have a problem with my arms.

Before using the sauna, I was not able to bring my arms to the back. Hence, I was not able to wear my bra.

My friend introduced me to this amazing sauna. In just 3 sessions, I was able to bring my arms to the back to wear my bra. I was amazed.

Besides that, being a house wife, QueFIR helps.

I need to wake up very early in the morning to prepare breakfast for my kids. Apart from that, I have to do house work everyday. 

Even though I am very tired, I can't sleep well in the night. 

After just a few sessions, I am now able to sleep right through the night and feel completely refreshed in the morning.

Thanks to QueFIR sauna for giving me quality sleep.

Siew Hua