My name is Sity anak John, I’m from Sibu, Sarawak and my age is coming to 47 years old. In December 2011, my sister introduced Spectra Plus and Glow to me. I agreed to try the products because I saw and felt the menstrual relieve in my sister after taking the products.

I too, had severe pre-menstrual symptoms like back pain, breast pain, headache and imbalanced hormone. I have tried others health product to relieve the pain but they were not effective.

I felt the effectiveness of BioSpectra after I consuming them for almost one week. The differences were noticeable as I didn’t suffer from any back or breast pain and had fewer headaches during my menses.

Besides that, I was experiencing pre-menopausal symptoms like heart burn, regular headaches, lack of calcium, skin dryness especially around my face, restlessness, inability to control my temper, stressed and sleepless.

For more than two months, since I consuming Spectra Plus and Glow, I can feel the differences. My skin is less dry, my headaches are occurring less, I don’t burst into temper tantrums easily and I can sleep well. I’m very happy with the results and I had recommended the Bio Spectra to my friends.

Sity, Housewife