After using QueFIR consistently every day for just 2 weeks, I've noticed my skin became clearer, more evenly toned and there's a healthy glow on my face. All my friends has been commenting and complimenting on the significant clearer and smoother complexion!

Most importantly, it also helps in preventing flare-ups of my rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Before QueFIR, I get my flare-ups every quarter even with medication. When I get the flare-ups, my joints become swollen and excruciatingly painful. I am not able to do normal stuff like washing. 

Touch wood...

It’s my fourth month using QueFIR and so far I don't have any flare-ups except the day I came back from Bangkok shopping trip and that is after a few days of not sitting in QueFIR.

All I did was to compliment it to my workouts at the gym as my warm-up or cool-down sessions (depending on timings). Just 30 minutes in the delightful QueFIR is a lovely therapeutic ‘me-time’ for me to de-stress, relax and catch up with some readings.

It’s my best investment so far after my lifetime gym membership purchase! No regrets owning it as my Mom and sisters are also benefitting from it! My mom’s migraine attacks has decreased after regularly sitting in QueFIR once every 3 days. Even her friends are commenting how she is looking younger, having firmer and smoother skin!