I was introduced to Beauty Wand on May 2011. Initially, I thought Beauty Wand can only give me energy and help me stay pretty.

Then one day, I discovered it helps me a lot in relieving my period pain which I have been suffering over the past 14 years. 

Before using Beauty Wand, I suffered period pain every month for at least 2 days. I had to take pain killers every month. The pain is so severe that I have to lie on my bed the whole day. Sometimes it gets worse as I would feel very dizzy and my face looks pale.

Now every month when I suffer from period pain, I just have to open and close my 7 chakra points, then spin on my pain area for at least 10 times. 

That's enough to help relieve my pain. I am able to resume my daily task after that. Even my mum is surprised!

Now, with the Beauty Wand, I don't have to worry about my period pains anymore.

Li San