Last night I had to visit my sister's one and a half year old daughter as she accidentally injured her right elbow whilst playing. She did not allow anyone to touch her hand as it was very painful. She was crying and complaining that she cannot move her hand and her elbow was bruised and swollen.

I quickly took out my Beauty Wand and tempted her to play magic with me. I said "just do a few spin and point, you will no longer feel the pain. Would you like that?" She was curious and agreed to play. As I started to spin and point the Beauty Wand, she felt pain and asked me to stop. I didn't have my chance to complete the task.

So as she fell asleep, I continued using the Beauty Wand on her injured elbow. Even then, she awoke up, crying even louder and shouted in pain. So I just left the Beauty Wand by her overnight.

Early next morning, I was amazed when I visited her again. She didn't have bruises, the swelling has subsided and her hand could move freely. Beauty Wand is amazing!

Chong Fui Len