My name is Teresa Suli Noel. I’m a 45 years old female. Somewhere in November 2011, I experienced pain on my left knee, caused by lifting heavy boxes. The pain was so excruciating that words cannot deem to define the pain and I had to use crutches to help me stand and drag myself to walk. I had to stop at every 5 steps. I was in that condition for about 4 days.

Then my friend introduced me the Beauty Wand. It took me only 2 days or I might say 2 evenings only to get myself to walk without the crutches. Now, after 2 months, my left knee is well and I’m able to walk and run again.

I’m of the opinion that the Beauty Wand is an amazing tool. Besides getting rid of my pain on the left knee, I noticed that my skin texture on the knee seems to be tighter. Not only did it act as an ‘acupuncture device’ but it was also an anti-aging tool.

I believe the Beauty Wand can make many wonderful things to my life. AWESOME!!!!!