My name is Emily Ooi. I started consuming BioSpectra Full Package since October 2011. I wanted to consume BioSpectra as I was working under pressure. For over 8 years, the stress was causing to me to have insomnia. As I don't get good sleep, I am not able to concentrate in my daily life. 

Therefore, when I heard about BioSpectra, I was excited as I finally discovered I have something that would help me. Just two days after taking BioSpectra, I was unquestionably able to sleep well. 

As if that was not good enough, 2 months later, another amazing thing happened.

You see...

I am the type of person who gets cough with phlegm regularly. However, I didn't even realized that my cough had disappeared until I noticed I had many packets of tissue in my handbag. It was only at that moment it struck me that I had not been coughing for a few days. 

I am very excited because BioSpectra not only helped resolve my insomnia problem but it also helped with my persistent cough problem. 

Emily Ooi