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Headaches Disappeared And Didn't Return

I Am In Fact Very Surprised And Have Not Had The Pain Since Then.

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bqrt qi healing headaches

I have been having headache for many years. I usually have to resort to taking Panadol. The headache usually starts when the weather is too hot or when I have too many things on my mind. The haze does make it worse.

I’ve tried various medications and even some health supplements to no effect. Panadol still works best for me although I know that long-term usage of Panadol is bad for my liver. I heard about BQRT from my husband and was a little skeptical initially. However upon his insistence and also having tried all sorts of medication, I decided to give it a try.

I did not have headache on the day of the therapy but it has been 3 weeks and I have not had an episode of headache, which is a very pleasant surprise. In fact I expect the headache to hit me as the haze situation is so bad now.

I also had a sharp pain on my left shoulder and I’ve been living with it for many months. I must say that I have not tried anything for the pain as I am afraid of acupuncture and also not too keen on massages.

The wonderful part about BQRT is that the pain went away immediately. I am in fact very surprised and have not had the pain since then. It’s like a mini miracle as far as I am concerned and would like to thank Denver for helping me with my 2 problems.

Julie Mah

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