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Fatigue Disappeared and Feeling Happier

Even Some Close Friends Start To See Me Having Happier Mood.

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bqrt qi healing fatigue

I had been feeling fatigue for the past few years and got worst recently. All this while I did not take any action to treat it as I thought it was due to lack of sleep that is why I would be so tired during the day time. It has become part of life as I was always occupied in work and I thought because of that the body is tired.

Until recently when my colleague told me about this block qi release technique that he learnt and my tiredness could be due to blocked qi. Hesitated at first but eventually tried it.

The treatment was very simple and no pain and surprising immediately feel some relieve of ache around the neck/shoulder. But the biggest discovery was a few days later when I start having lighted mood in the morning and feeling happier… partly because I slept well at night since then. Not only have myself felt the difference, even some close friends start to see me having happier mood.


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