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Diabetes No Longer A Costly Affair

I Got My Life Back And My Glucose Levels Are Controlled.

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bqrt qi healing diabetes

On 18th February, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and was admitted to hospital as my blood glucose was 22mmol/l (normal levels are 6mmol/l). Prior to this, the doctor warned me about it and I tried to control my high blood glucose with lifestyle modifications. However, on the day of admission, I had lost more than 20kg, I had severe hair loss and was feeling very weak.

Two days of hospital stay and medication, my blood glucose fluctuated between 17 – 19mmol/l. I was worried and on the night of the second day, I decided to ask Denver to do BQRT on my diabetes.

Just the next day after BQRT, I was pleasantly surprised, as it has dropped to 10.9mmol/l.

By the fourth day, my blood glucose was 5.6mmol/l and I was discharged with medicines and insulin injection. (What you must realize is that most diabetic patients never get to this level even after years of medication.) On that night, I had another BQRT session with Denver.

On the subsequent morning, my blood glucose came down further to 5.2mmol/l.

However, on the sixth day, my glucose level had gone down to 1.6mmol/l. The doctor was alarmed as he had not expected my glucose levels decline so much and he did not teach me how to reduce my insulin dose, only how to increase my dose. In fact, he was dumb founded. Hence, I was admitted in the hospital for observation.

The doctor stopped my insulin and my glucose crept up to 10.6mmol/l. That was expected as there was still blocked qi causing my diabetes. Therefore, Denver helped to further release more blocked qi.

On the subsequent morning (seventh day), my blood glucose had returned to 5.9mmol/l (without insulin).

On the eight day, Denver did the final blocked qi release after releasing 10 blocked qi over this period of time. My glucose level stabilized at 7.6mmol/l, the doctor discharged me with only oral medications.

Today, I am no longer on any medications to control my glucose! I am free from diabetes!

In case you don’t realize it, the cost of staying a diabetic definitely way exceeds the cost of my 4 BQRT sessions!

Since I had my blocked qi released, I got my life back and my glucose levels are controlled. I’m grateful to have a second chance in life because of BQRT.


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