Hi, my name is Caroline anak Unggin, I’m 33 years old. When my friend shared about BioSpectra, I did not hesitate trying it for my pre-menstrual and menstrual pain, as it was getting worse as I also had back pain.

Before consuming BioSpectra Plus and Glow, I took other product such as Evening Primrose Oil to balance my hormone, Bio Protein and Vitamin C for my skin. Just two days after consuming BioSpectra, I started to feel the differences as I felt a wave of heat surf through my body and I was flushed. By the sixth day, all the symptoms vanished and my menstrual pain gone!

You know what? Even though it is only 15 days since taking BioSpectra, my back pain has disappeared. The most unexpected benefit was that I noticed the cellulite on my both thighs reduced. It was something that troubled me and I am looking forward to see what happens in the next few months!

I believe BioSpectra works! Even my mother feels less tired and she sleeps well after I introduced it to her.

Caroline, Fashion Advisor