I have been using Molecular Energized Gemstone (MEG) since June 2011. I'm a bad tempered person. My family members especially my son doesn't dare to talk to me each time I'm angry.

But after wearing MEG for 2 months, I personally felt that I am more calm when facing problems or when things irritates me.

I am happy as I do not get angry as often and I am able to foster better ties with my son.

Another great thing happened to me...

I have been suffering migraine for more than 10 years. The migraine will visit me every month before my menses. 

All these years, I have been just taking Panadol to control my pain. After wearing Molecular Energized Gemstone MEG for 2 months, I am surprised as my migraine pain have been suppressed to minimal levels.

I do not need to take Panadol anymore.