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Qi Healing For Anxiety

"I Have Tried Many Other New Age Sessions But
None Has Been Able To Help Me Make This Quick Turnaround"

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Denver has really helped me greatly in effectively turning my stress and anxiety about work and relationships around. I came to him almost as a last resort—I’d had devastating news about a relationship and I was experiencing great pain in my stomach region due to stress.

I first went through a Blocked Qi Release session and this had worked out so well within a day that I very quickly went through 5 sessions of the Energetic Cage Release technique. During these sessions, I was surprised to find that many incidents and emotions I had buried a long time ago would resurface—Denver helped me to clear them.

Initially after the sessions, I had not felt any epic change but started more and more to be aware of my surroundings and messages the Universe was trying to communicate to me. Today, after a month, I do feel a great change!

I am able to recover from stress and worry faster than before. As an example, I used to turn issues over and over in my head until my stomach would hurt. After Denver’s session, the knots in my stomach have completely disappeared and when I encounter an issue at work, it doesn’t affect me as greatly as it once did. No more stomach problems! Another instance is the way I would worry about relationships—I am now able to bounce back after a day and not mull over it to the point where it would previously make me feel depressed.

I have been to professional counselors and clinical psychologists, I have tried many other new age sessions but none has been able to help me make this quick turnaround. I also found my sessions with them expensive with no real solutions or answers. I am impressed by the expediency of the Energetic Cage Release technique. Denver also recommends some tools to try at home for when we are not able to meet.

For those wanting to try, do keep an open mind and you’ll soon see results. My only regret is that I had not known about Denver much sooner! I have since recommended him to a friend and he has also experienced great change in his life. Give a session a shot—there’s nothing to lose except all the hangups and worries you are experiencing now.

ML Teh

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