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Taking Vitamins Is Old Science, These Broad Spectrum Micro-Nutrients
Have Been Used By Over 70,000 And It Works Wonders!

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BioSpectra are superfood supplements with the broadest spectrum of vital micro-nutrients made from natural edible seeds, spices and cereals.

Wellness Principle #1

superfood supplements

Our cells makes up our tissues and our tissues makes up our organs. These organs completes our body system. Since these cells are constantly being replaced, we have a new body every 7 years. Therefore, it is possible to renew our body by working on the building blocks that creates the cells.

Wellness Principle #2

Our body needs a broad spectrum of nutrients. Despite what some believe, the variety is just as important as the dose. Most of us have a habit, we think of 'good' food not 'right' food. Therefore, it is easy to miss out on the broad range of nutrients our body needs. Hence, depriving our cells the building blocks for healthy cells regeneration.

Wellness Principle #3

Besides having a broad spectrum of nutrients, its bio-chemical balance in our body is also critical. Today, we know that we need 7,000 over ingredients of an optimally, healthy body to maintain optimum continuous physiological efficiency which is vital for preventing illnesses.

Most people would do a blood test when they are not feeling well. However, it usually turns out fine. However, why are you still presented with symptoms? If you do a complete hormone test, you will see just how that imbalance of hormone is causing a lot of symptoms and discomfort. 

Unfortunately, it would be almost impossible to do a test for every hormone and it would be extremely costly. Therefore, providing the body with the right building blocks to create this balance is the best solution.

BioSpectra is the ideal choice as it provides the broadest spectrum of micro-nutrients from specially selected superfood to help our body rejuvenate from the cellular level.

Think about it, nature always presents the solution to us. For example, seeds are the micro-chip of life. From a small tiny seed, it can germinate and grow to a majestic tree. Hence, in seeds, there is a combination of amazing nutrients in micro proportions with the right balance.

Anti-oxidants stops our body from 'rusting'. As long as we are breathing, we are producing free radicals. Our diet must contain enough anti-oxidants to 'neutralize' these free radicals.

Whilst many people understand the power of taking antioxidants, lets face it, what’s the spectrum? Vitamin A, C, E and selenium is just not enough! In Spectra Plus, there are 373 different bio-active principles of anti-oxidants! That’s just to give you an idea of how much micro-nutrients is packed in a tiny capsule.

The list of micro-nutrients found in BioSpectra goes on…


Anti-oxidants is just one example of what is found in each capsule of BioSpectra. Each capsule is packed with various natural micro-nutrients. Here are at least 70 of the micro-nutrients founds in Spectra Plus

Histidine Isoleucine Leucine Lysine Methionine Phenylalanine Threonine Tryptophan Valine Arginine L-Asparagine Alanine Asparagine Aspartic Acid Cysteine Glutamine Glutamic Acid Glycine Proline Serine Tyrosine Iron Silicon Boron Aluminium Copper Molybdenum 2,3,5-Trimethyl[cafestol] Thiamine 24-Methylene-Cycloartenol Niacin Lauric Acid Beta-Element Nicotinic-acid Oleic-Acid Ascorbic-Acid Scordine Capric-Acid Beta-Carotene Sinapic-Acid Pantothenic-Acid (Vit B5) Biotin Beta-Pinene Gitonin-F Tocopherol Carotenoids Beta-Phelladrene Allithiamin Alliinase Prostaglandin-A-1 Guaiacol Allium-Sativum-Protease-Inhibitor-AS-1 Muramidase Scopoletin Allyl-2-Propenethiosulfinate Sabinol Gamma-L-Glutamly-Phenylalanine Biotin Zingibain Endolysin Foliacin Alpha-Prostaglandin-F-1 & F-2 Stigma Sterol Melatonin Auxin Campesterol Globulin Phytosterol Farnesal Sapoginins Beta-Sitosterol Trigonelline

Sources of BioSpectra are natural everyday food sources. Hence, of course you can get them straight out from your kitchen. However, its all about creating the right balance of each ingredient. Besides that, seeds are usually indigestible unless specially formulated like with BioSpectra.

So what if it is natural?

We can't fool our body for long with synthetic supplement. Our body only accepts nutrients in its natural form. Very often, after taking supplements, most people would find heavy colouration of their urine. That's because most of the supplement is flushed out. However, since BioSpectra is made from natural sources, formulated in capsules to retain its optimal potency, you will find that it is almost fully absorbed into our system.

Isn't it ironic, our body needs the nutrient but can't do anything with those synthetic nutrients we feed?

...After consuming T-Quil for just 2 days, I can feel the difference in my reaction to stress. I am able to stay calm even when I am severely stressed plus I can still get a good nights' sleep.


This formulation has been used by over 70,000 people around the world and proven to work!

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