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Daily Dose Of Stress Relieve
With Que Far-Infrared

Nitric Oxide: From Blood Pressure to Sexual Function,
From Bacteria Killing To Cancer Prevention.

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stress relieve

previous... Adopting a daily stress relieve strategy is probably the most important part of any wellness program. It is no secret that stress is a major contributor to most health problems.

In fact, some of us may already feel the effects of stress like:

Yes… the reason why you are frequently feeling fatigue is stress!

Therefore, it is important to prevent stress levels from accumulating and being able to achieve this stress relieve daily is probably the best anti-aging program.

Interestingly, stress is a condition where our body’s sympathetic nervous system is operating on overdrive.

Under normal circumstances, this ‘fight or flight’ condition should quickly return to normal.

However, when we are constantly stressed by work conditions or even emotionally, this remains in overdrive. Unfortunately, at this state of sympathetic overdrive, the body is not able to carry out healing. The body can only rejuvenate and heal when it returns to the parasympathetic mode.stress relieve

When the body's sympathetic system is activated, some of its effects includes heart rate is accelerated, blood vessels constricts, and the digestive system is inactivated. 

Studies demonstrated repeat sessions improves the endothelial function of vessel and increases nitric oxide production. In 1998, the importance of nitric oxide was confirmed when the Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded to three scientists working in the field. 

Nitric oxide regulates many bodily functions: from blood pressure to sexual function, from bacteria killing to cancer prevention. The role of nitric oxide is greatly implicated in artherosclerosis and heart diseases.

Therefore, the stress relieve benefits of que far-infrared goes beyond relaxation as it reverses the damaging effects of stress, shifting our body back to its parasympathetic mode. Using Sonne revujenates our body's own ability to produce nitric oxide.

If you think this wellness program is too good to be true, just one 30 minutes session will quickly make you a believer. Lets start designing a wellness program that works for you. next


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