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Stress Busters Using The Healing Power Of Energy

Energy Healing Is Not Only Effective
Cure For Stress But Represents Holistic Approach To Stress.

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stress busters

previous ...the effects of stress on our autonomic system. He is able demonstrate the direct correlation of our ability to cope with stress versus the sympathetic and parasympathetic activity.

This leads us to an extremely fascinating world of energy healing. It’s a science that is not only effective but diverse variety of stress busters.

One of the oldest is chakra energy healing. Practitioners of this doctrine know that stress affects the solar plexus. This chakra point is located just below the breast bone and it has the greatest effect on our stomach or digestive tract.

Doesn’t it make sense?

Most folks who has gastric problems are usually also stressed!

Besides the stomach, it controls most of our vital organs like pancreas, liver, diaphragm, lungs , the intestines and the heart.

Therefore, its easy to imagine the array of diseases stress can cause.

What is also interesting is the energetic state of our chakra points also governs our emotional balance.

An imbalance of this chakra point not only leaves you feeling stressed out, it also causes the person to feel fatigued and anger.

Therefore, energy healing like chakra healing is not only effective but are holistic stress busters.

Chinese natural cures like acupuncture and acupressure applies similar principles.

As we stress up, we create a lot of obstruction to the Qi (or energy) flow in the meridian system.

The primary meridian that most acupuncturists would focus is the Qi stagnation at liver meridian. And since most of the time, our muscles around the neck and shoulders tense up a lot, the gallbladder meridian is also treated.

Understanding the science of energy healing, they make perfect sense and targets the core of the energy disharmony.

The science of these energy healing principle give rise to numerous natural cure for stress ranging from meditation, aromatherapy, yoga, reiki and crystals to acupuncture and qigong!

One thing for sure, energy healing therapies are clearly effective stress busters. Not only does it address the problem at its core, it also addresses the holistic nature of our health.

Check if stress has affected your energy centers with this Free Energy Test .

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