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Energy Healing Wellness Concept

Chinese Natural Cures: Part I

Part II: Acupuncture Points

Chakra Energy Healing: Part I

Part II: Chakra Points


Meditation Benefits: Part I

Part II: Healing Meditation

Blocked Qi Healing

Energetic Cage

Energy Disharmony

Electro-Smog Pollution

Toxemia: Part I

Part II: Toxemia Explained

Natural Body Detox: Part I

Part II: Natural Detox

Benefits Of Drinking Water: Part I

Part II: How Much Water To Drink

Part III: Drinking Water At The Right Time

Part IV: Drinking Water For Energy

Water Memory: Part I

Part II: Masaru Emoto

Healing Crisis: Part I

Part II: Healing Crisis Symptoms

Part III: What You Do In A Healing Crisis

Far Infrared: Part I

Part II: FIR Therapy


Cure For All Diseases: Part I

Part II: Scalar Energy Healing

The Proof of Energy Healing Therapies

Dr med. Michael Kucera


Dr med. Manfred Doepp

PSB Laboratory

I.H.M. Institute

Centre for Biofield Sciences

Applied Kinesiology

Energy Healing Therapy

Natural Cures

Cancer Therapy: Part I

Part II: Cure For All Cancers

Part III: Natural Cures For Cancer

Natural Cures for Diabetes: Part I

Part II: Energy Healing For Diabetes

Part III: Diabetes Natural Cures

Part IV: Reverse Diabetes

Natural Cures for Headaches: Part I

Part II: Headache Natural Cures

Natural Asthma Cures: Part I

Part II: Natural Asthma Remedy

Part III: Natural Cures For Asthma

Natural Cures for Insomnia: Part I

Part II: Natural Insomnia Cures

Sleep Deprivation

Cure for Stress: Part I

Part II: Stress Busters

Back Pain Cures: Part I

Part II: Natural Cures For Back Pain


Sonne Far-Infrared Benefits

Weight Loss Cure: Part I

Stress Relieve: Part II

Anti-Aging Program: Part III

BioSpectra Superfood Supplements

Superfood Supplements for Ladies


Beauty Wand: YokeFoong Bite

Beauty Wand: FunLen Pain

Beauty Wand: ShuWen Pain

Beauty Wand: Sarah Pain

Beauty Wand: LiSan Period Pain

Beauty Wand: LiChien Eye Bag

Beauty Wand: Teresa Knee Pain
BioSpectra: Molly Breast Firming

BioSpectra: Caroline Cellulite

BioSpectra: Sarah Stress

BioSpectra: Emily Insomnia

BioSpectra: Rose Period Pain

BioSpectra: Sity Premenopausal

BioSpectra: Caroline Cellulite
MEG: LeeSoon Calm

MEG: Willy Confidence

MEG: CP Lucky

MEG: CK Calm Migraine

MEG: Cheng Ean Lucky

MEG: KinKwan Headache

MEG: Rainnie Positive

MEG: Fazeli Success
QueFIR: Rose Weight Loss

QueFIR: Pak Prima Weight Loss

QueFIR: SiewHua Sleep

QueFIR: Hii Weight Loss

QueFIR: Alice Beauty

QueFIR: Joanne Pain

QueFIR: Siew Kong Shoulder Ache

QueFIR: Rod Sweat

QueFIR: Farhana Sweat

QueFIR: Norzilawati Backache

QueFIR: HungKhoon Lighter

QueFIR: AC Rheumatoid Arthritis
MWE: SiaMooi Diabetes

HWE: YokeFoong Beauty

BQRT Testimonies

Life Changing - ml

Hyperuricemia/ Gout/ Insomnia - LeeKS

Warts - LimKH

Bloatedness - Lucas

Energetic Cage Testimony - Fatt Soon

Energetic Cage Testimony - Hanif

Shoulder & Forearm Pain Testimony

Back Pain Testimony

Emotional Child Testimony

Back Pain Testimony

Diabetes Testimony

Colic Testimony

Fatigue Testimony

Headaches Testimony

Sports Testimony

Slip Disc Testimony

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