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Effective Qi Healing in Just Minutes

Blocked Qi Release Technique is a Breakthrough Technique that
Releases Blocked Qi that is Causing Your Health Issues.

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applied kinesiology

Qi healing is an energy healing technique that is growing in popularity. The concept of this vital life force energy or Qi in maintaining health is no longer frowned by skeptics. However, this practice can be time consuming and requires lots of patience.

The “Blocked Qi Release Technique” developed by Master CK Tan is a systematic technique that works with the subconscious mind via applied kinesiology. It is based on the concept that intense emotional events of one’s past are stored in the body as Blocked Qi or energy disharmony leading to various health issues.

Most folks under estimates the miraculous power of our subconscious mind. The conscious mind forgets easily, however, the subconscious mind remembers every single details. Nevertheless, our subconscious doesn’t communicate with language as we do. It can only communicated with a binary system of yes or no.

Our subconscious knows precisely the location of these blocked Qis that is causing our health issues. Therefore, applied kinesiology is a very useful tool used in this BQRT approach that allows us to determine where these blocked Qis are located and how it is affecting us.

Simply utilising the power of intent, we can easily assist the body to release this block Qi resulting in unmatched effectiveness in Qi healing.

Nevertheless, how this block Qi arises is doubly interesting...

Blocked Qi is not a new phenomenon. This is in fact the foundation of many Chinese natural cures including Qi healing and acupuncture. By harmonising the energetic fault, the organic and bio-chemical problems can eventually auto-correct.

85% of blocked Qi is caused by an intense emotional event!

Most often these are very stressful moments that we are not able to cope. Hence, our body stores this energetic experience in parts of our body so that we can deal with it at a later stage.

Imagine you got the news of a loved one that died. It is very traumatic and the body cannot accept this information. You could potentially break down. But you gathered enough strength to settle things like the funeral. By that time, you may breakdown crying or tremble as a way of releasing this emotion. However, some people keep it in thinking that they have overcomed it. But the body is still storing it.

The blocked Qi stored and not released will eventually lead to various symptoms like aches, pains, allergies, chronic diseases or even psychological problems.

Not knowing that these are merely symptoms, we treat these symptoms with western medicines to suppress the pain. However, the root of the cause is the blocked Qi cause by the emotion. That blocked Qi will continue to manifest various symptoms as long as it is present.

“A trapped emotion is literally a ball of energy, from about the size of an orange to about the size of a cantaloupe. Wherever these trapped emotions lodge, they will distort the normal energy field of the body. This slight distortion of the human energy field is one of the most common reasons for physical pain” Dr. Bradley Nelson.

The “Blocked Qi Release Technique” is a breakthrough systematic Qi healing approach that helps to balance one’s body energy; but it does not claim to cure any pain, malfunction, or diseases. It merely removes the impediments and empowers our body to heal itself.

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