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New! Prognos Machines Test Energy Healing Products.

Energy Healing Therapy Products With Positive Energy Field
Increases Energy Levels And Reduces Disharmony In The Meridian System.

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PROGNOS machine measures the energy state of the body through a person's meridian system using painless sensors. This invention can be used as a diagnostic as well as therapy system. The result of this measure is able to chart a person's energetic state, which corresponds to the persons health status.

 Any disharmony of energy can be detected early and corrected before illness develops.

This test was founded on principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Prof. Dr. med. Zagrjadski headed a science project team that wanted to take the knowledge of ancient Chinese medicine and combined it to develop a modern system.

MedPrevent manufactures this machine. EUROCAT, the institute for certification and testing, awarded them EC accreditation and ISO certifications.

prognosI have seen alternative energy healing therapy products that uses natural healing frequencies found in natural water springs like Lourdes in France. 

Prognos was used to measure the energy levels in the meridian system.

Diagram of before alternative energy healing therapy, the patient had low energy levels in most of his meridians as seen with the red bars. 

However, few minutes after using the alternative energy healing therapy product, most of the meridians show improved energy levels!

energy healing therapy before
Energy Levels Measured with Prognos BEFORE

energy healing therapy after
Energy Levels Measured with Prognos AFTER

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