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How Energy Healing is Gaining Respectability by Marlie Parsons

The Scientific World Disapproves Energy Healing, But We Use It Every Day. 

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Even though the world of scientific proof may not favor the idea of energy that heals, nevertheless it is a concept that enormous numbers of people use every day. If you have ever practiced yoga, had a Reiki session or studied martial arts, then you have taken part in an exercise that involves energy healing.

The concept is one that has been around since ancient times, originating in China or India. 

One of the primary foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that human bodies have an energetic movement that can be directed by various means. When the energy is flowing well, the person is healthy, but when its flow is impeded, the outcome can be poor health.

Many means of getting the energy to move have been devised over thousands of years. They range from relatively commonplace treatments like tai chi movements and massages to less conventional modalities including utilizing crystals and prayers.

Common to the Indian as well as the Chinese system is the belief that specific emotions are regulated by specific places in the body where energy is concentrated. Called chakras (meaning circle in Hindi) by Hindu practitioners, they are similar to the centers where Chinese acupuncturists place their needles. The sixth or mind chakra supposedly controls the mind.

Breathing is the primary element of energy healing. This refers specifically to the awareness of the breath as it flows back and forth. Yoga instructors place almost as much importance as breathing as they do on body movement and positioning. Similarly, it is said that Buddhist priests utilize breathing patterns during meditation and are able to perform nearly super human feats, such as slowing their heartbeat down to nearly nothing until they may appear dead before, as it were, coming back to life.

Many of these traditional energy healing principles have been proven to be so effective that they are now, perhaps somewhat reluctantly, being accepted by the 21st century medical establishment.

Acupuncture is perhaps the best example of an ancient medical practice that was initially scoffed at but has ultimately been given the seal of approval by western physicians.

Finally, with major schools and colleges having adding to their curriculum such courses as acupuncture, Reiki and massage training, these classes have shifted from the sidelines of legitimacy and are moving closer to center stage.

As more and more people understand the benefits that can be gained with energy healing, it is likely that, as more time passes, it will lose its aura of unconventionality and become more a part of everyday life.

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