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Being Overweight Cost More Than $1,500/year

5% Weight Loss Can Buy You The Quality Of Life You Dreamt Of

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cost of overweight

Being overweight does not only affect your appearance. There is significant health implications being too heavy.

Did you know being overweight can be a matter of life and death for a cancer patient?

So here, I am not talking about having rippling muscles and washboard abs. I am talking about plain good health.

I felt it is necessary to give this topic a little attention because as little as 5% weight loss can produce massive health benefits.

Sadly, overweight is now probably the greatest health risk as the population of overweight people has doubled over in a period of just 10 years.

Studies have shown that overweight people had higher yearly medical bills than people with normal weight by as much as $1,500/year. It is also estimated that the yearly value of treating weight related conditions amounts to $120billion!

Looking back, I had no regrets loosing the weight. The health risks are just phenomenal.

Diabetes. About 80% of people with type 2 diabetes are obese. If you are obese, you are 2 times more likely to develop diabetes.

Hypertension. You are twice more likely to develop hypertension if you are overweight. Although high blood pressure doesn’t kill you, it causes kidney problems!

Sleep Apnea. This is very common amongst people with weight problem. What happens is that you stop breathing and your brain tries to wake you to catch your breath. This can happen throughout the night. As a result, overweight people just don’t get enough sleep as they are unable to get into deep sleep.

Cancer. There is a strong link between cancer and being overweight. Women with obesity problems are more likely to suffer from breast cancer after menopause because body fat produces the hormone estrogen.

The New England Journal of Medicine (Vol. 348, No. 17: 1625-1638) published a study, researchers determined that obesity accounts for up to 20% of all cancer deaths.

There are a host of other diseases that are very closely associated with obesity. For examples, fatty liver disease, deep vein thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency and breathing problems.

As we started discussing about it earlier, being overweight can jeopardize the effectiveness of cancer treatment. Many cancer patients are underdosed as the dose of chemotherapy were calculated based on the patient's ideal weight, rather than their actual weight.

Good nutrition and optimum weight affects everything in our lives and allows us to enjoy a good quality of life. Combined with exercise, it is one of the most natural ways you can see a dramatic increase in your health and preventing the development of chronic diseases.

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