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The Benefits Of EFT By Caroline Mcmanus

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping Is A Technique Aimed At Helping Individuals Tune Into Emotional Aspects That Is Causing Energetic Blocks.

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EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, was developed by Gary Craig. It is a revolutionary healing method that aims at removing energetic blocks from our bodies, more specifically, from our meridian system by means of tapping.

What is the Meridian system? The Meridian system was discovered by the Chinese about 4,000 years ago. They noticed that there are numerous channels running through our body and it is in these channels or meridians that the life force, the energy or "chi" is flowing.

Gary Craig has discovered that by tapping on specific acupuncture points, along the meridians, in a sequence, serious emotional traumas - that result in either physical or psychological problems - could easily be healed. By using EFT Gary Craig was able to help soldiers who were suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The solders were emotionally crippled by their traumatic combat memories. 

As Gary tapped with the solders on their fears, pains and sadness, they started to feel better and soon they were able to leave their traumas behind so much so that they were able to function again as human beings.

Gary Craig then started to apply the same principles to phobias, physical pains, all sorts of medical issues including allergies, heart problems, hormonal issues, emotional imbalances, anxiety, depression etc. The aim of this technique is to help individuals tune into the emotional aspect of their issue, to really feel that in their body and then to start tapping on the specific feelings. As we focus on these feelings we will soon notice that they slowly reduce in intensity. 

It does not mean though that every physical problem is psychological in nature. What is happening is that as we carry the burden of a trauma it takes its toll on our body. Some people, who suffer from physical pain, can actually pinpoint the start of their ache and it usually coincides with the appearance of specific personal problems, either at work, in family relationships, in the area of finances etc. Therefore it makes sense to tap on the traumatic event or memory and as soon as we removed the fear, the sadness, the anger or some other negative emotion from our system the body can start healing itself.

As Gary Craig gained more and more followers his system was expended to help people alter their negative belief system. It has even been used to eliminate procrastination and it has also been applied successfully to goal setting. The scale of possible applications of this system is endless.

The wonder of EFT lies in its simplicity. Children have found it easy to apply and it has been proved very effective in helping them deal with various situations at school including stress as well as bullying.

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