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Discover The Science of These Natural Insomnia Cures

Dr med Michael Kucera Test Alternative
Treatments For Its Effectiveness In Insomnia.

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natural insomnia cures

previous For example, an acupuncturist would often treat the liver meridian if the person wakes up between 1am and 3am. 

This is because the Qi flow is maximum in the liver at these times. Treating the person in the liver meridian allows the person to cope with emotions like anger, stress and frustration better.

Hence, here are some amazing knowledge of insomnia causes:

Chakra energy healing is another amazing alternative natural insomnia cure. Insomnia is caused by energy disharmony at the fourth or heart chakra.

Chakra points controls our unconditional feeling and thoughts, compassion and love. One can create balance in this chakra by using green or pink crystals like watermelon tourmaline, jade, rose quartz or emerald. You can also heal this chakra by practicing an ancient form of exercise, yoga or healing meditation.

There is increasing evidence of effectiveness for this category of alternative insomnia cures.

Dr med Michael Kucera carries out test to demonstrate its effects and certifies the effectiveness of these alternative natural insomnia cures.

In addition to these alternative natural insomnia cures, one should also practice good sleep hygiene:

Lastly, one simple reason why many folks have difficulty sleeping in this modern day society is our increasing exposure to electro-smog.

Initially, I had no idea of its existence let alone its significance.

However, this kind of pollution disrupts the energy balance of healthy individuals silently.

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