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previous … confronting most of us. Our body is seriously burdened as we are exposed to greater magnitude and scope of toxins than our forefathers. These toxins exist in:

A study confirms what many scientists have long suspected - that ordinary people carry in their bodies' dozens of environmental pollutants, including a wide variety of industrial compounds, metals and pesticides.

While most of the substances were found in minute amounts, the study provokes safety issues of the cumulative toxicity when there is a combination of these substances.

The study tested sample of the blood and urine from nine individuals and found traces of 167 pollutants of the 210 tested in one or more of the participants. The average number of 91 pollutants was found in the nine individuals. None of those tested work with chemicals on the job.

The study was conducted by the Environmental Working Group, Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, an environmental advocacy group in Washington and Commonweal, a health and environmental research institute in Bolinas, Calif.

Since World War II, the petrochemical industry has introduced more than 75,000 new chemicals, although only about 12,000 are produced in high volume. "We've never been confronted with this chemical mixture in our bodies in all of evolutionary history until now," said Richard Wiles of the Environmental Working Group. "But we know from animal studies that they can be harmful and we know that the effects that they are likely to cause are increasing in the population."

Those effects include an increasing trend since the 1970s in attention-deficit disorder, autism, birth defects in male reproductive organs, early puberty, and certain cancers, including childhood leukemia and prostate, testicular, breast, thyroid and childhood brain cancer, Wiles said.

Scripps Howard News Service, Joan Lowy
Published January 30, 2003

With this increased load of toxins we ingest on a daily basis, our natural body detox is no longer able to cope.

There are many natural detox programs available to assist our body in eliminating this excess baggage. Some work only with the bowels, some cleanse the liver or the blood, while others work on the kidney or the skin. Any method of detoxification is beneficial.

The benefits of natural detox is:

Most natural detox focus on expelling the toxins from our body. Subscribe to eNHC Health Guide and discover an alternative natural detox that reduces your toxic burden by neutralizing any harmful components you ingest to biologically positive ones.

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