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Safe Alternative Natural Cures For Cancer

Energy Healing Therapy For Cancer
Dissolves The Organic Problems.

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One of the most important turning point for me is to discover the enormous impact of energy in our body and how it leads to all sorts of chronic diseases including cancer.

It’s a major paradigm shift because in western medicine, diseases are often perceived in a physical, biochemical and organic dimension. Every effort focusses on this aspect.

However, the moment I understood the importance of energy to our well-being, then natural cures for cancer is not impossible. By correcting the energetic faults, gradually the organic and bio-chemical problems dissolves as well.

Pappas and Wallach demonstrated how there is an electrical difference between the inside and the outside of the cells. This is known as the transmembrane potential (TMP). They noticed that healthy cells would have a TMP of -50 to -60 milliVolts. However, when the cell becomes sick, TMP goes to -15 milliVolts and cells starts to multiply uncontrollably. This is an early indication of cancer cells forming because at this stage you would not be able to detect cancer through the normal bio-chemical markers that western medicine uses.

Interestingly, when this energy is brought back to healthy levels, the cells began to act normal again. Hence, our health faults can be easily reversed with energy.

This knowledge of energy and disease is becoming increasingly important and you can discover more energy healing external devices by a Stage IV Uterine cancer survivor.

This balance of energy in our body for health is, in fact, not a new phenomenon. The ancient Chinese and Indians have known about this secret alternative natural cures for cancer and practiced it for thousands of years. This is the fundamental principle used in Chinese natural cures like acupuncture and various Chakra energy healing methodologies.

What’s even more interesting, Chakra energy healing also introduces an amazing perspective that when we trace the energy disharmony back to its chakra points, we are also able to isolate the emotional imbalance that caused the entire problem.

"A torn chakra... has appeared in every cancer patient I have ever seen... A chakra can be torn, and the cancer will not appear in the body for two or more years later...." Barbara Brennan

For example, if the person has emotions of anger, hatred and resentment, it tends to activate the solar plexus chakra. Overtime, this can manifest to lung cancer. 

This also explains why stress has such dramatic impact on our health. In fact, if you analyze stress, it is mostly emotional in nature. Sadly, the emotions of stress can lie dormant in us and we are not even aware we suffer from it. Nonetheless, who can deny stress is a major contributing factor to all the health issues we face.

I hope with this article you begin to gradually appreciate the relevance of energy and the role of this natural cures for cancer. The scope of energy healing for cancer is diverse and I will be sharing them in eHealth Buzz with you. At the mean time, check the energetic status of your health .

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