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Natural Cures For Back Pain Using
The Healing Power Of Energy

Research Confirms The Effectiveness Of Acupuncture For Back Pain.

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natural cures for back pain

previous …healing provides us an even more thorough understanding about back pain. The different symptoms we experience actually indicate specifically the root of the problem.

Qi is the vital energy within the body. Good health depends on the free flow of this energy which is governed by the Liver.

If the energy is blocked anywhere in the back, it will be stiff and sore.

Similar to chakra healing, whenever someone is angry, frustrated or stressed, the Liver is affected . This is why so many case studies indicate that emotional disorders can trigger back pain or make it worse.

On the other hand, a sharp, stabbing pain can result in the back when blood has stagnated in the area and refuses to flow freely. This occurs after a long period of Qi stagnation.

There are many things that can cause the blood to stagnate. Physical injury, cold wind, a severe impact, emotional problems and overwork can all contribute to the problem.

If the back pain is associated with symptoms of tight feeling in the back, the frequent need to urinate, low energy levels and chills, the Kidney Yang has become depleted. This usually occurs after frequent exposure of the kidneys to cold, damp weather.

Various studies have validated the use of acupuncture as effective natural cures for back pain and these findings account for its increase in popularity in recent years.

The Clinical Journal of Pain recently published a study that confirmed these results and deemed acupuncture to be a safe treatment for pain in the lower back. Patients remain pain free for six months or even longer.

Acupuncture does not produce any of the same side effects traditionally seen with steroids and other pain medications.

It is therefore evident how energy disharmony leads to chronic back pain and it can be tackled from an energetic dimension rather than physical or bio-chemical dimension.

Learning about energy-based healing can teach anyone how to eliminate blocks and promote energy flow through the back. These natural cures for back pain gets to the cause of the pain and addresses that cause directly.

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