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Is It True You Can Stay Healthy By Doing
Natural Body Detox?

Energy Is The Problem, Not The Toxins.

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natural body detox

There seems to be a lot of hype about doing natural body detox. I often wonder if they are just commercial hypes or if there are any scientific basis for such practices.

After all, our body has already got an in-build mechanism to detox or eliminate waste from our body. So why do we need to induce it?

It turns out that this practice of detox is anything but hype.

Although our body has its own method of detoxifying, we still need to do natural body detox because:

  1. we are exposed to overwhelming toxins due to industrialization
  2. our body gets weaker as we age and is unable to perform optimally

This results in a gradual accumulation of toxins in our body over a long period of time. So slow that we are not even aware our body is getting weaker and it triggers a process called toxemia.

Toxemia is a concept first introduced by J.H. Tilden. It is a detrimental chain reaction because the build up of toxic substances at the cellular level of our bodily tissues, bloodstream and fluids eventually leads to major chronic health problems. You will appreciate the magnitude of this problem as it poisons the nervous system, lymphatic system, brain and blood, while clogging up the vascular system, heart, sinuses and lungs.

Fortunately, before all these major problems, our body subtly gives us some signs and symptoms. Most folks makes a major mistake by taking aggressive western medicine to suppress these symptoms.

No doubt the symptoms subsides for temporarily, but it eventually flares up with greater intensity!

Some common signs and symptoms includes:

If you experience these signs and symptoms, wonderful! It’s time to stop problems from progressing further!

While most alternative healing practices advocate natural body detox to flush out the toxins in our body, its just a temporary correction as toxins may quickly build up again if you didn’t correct the cause of this toxin build up.

Interestingly, the trigger for this entire state of toxin build up is a state of low energy. Therefore, if your body is strong and its energy is balanced and harmonious, you have won half the battle!

There are a diverse scope of energy healing therapy that will strengthen your body in creating an environment for your body to naturally heal.

However, there is another issue… continue

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