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Natural Asthma Remedy To Increase Lung Capacity

Having Bad Posture Puts Tremendous Pressure On The Chest Making Breathing Difficult.

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natural cures for asthma

previous …postures that open up the chest. This natural asthma remedy is adopted from another popular energy healing practice called yoga.

Learning postures that opens up the chest is proven to increase lung capacity and stamina. This builds greater resistance to asthma and reduces the frequency of attacks.

I know some of you are giving me that bewildered stare when I mentioned yoga!

What most folks don’t realize is that yoga is probably one of the best healing exercise. Having bad posture puts tremendous pressure on the chest making breathing difficult.

Unlike what most people think, during an asthma attack, the patient has difficulty breathing out rather breathing in. 

Unfortunately, many of these patient develop bad posture to compensate for the breathing difficulty. As a result, chronic sufferers tend to have rounded shoulders with distended chest.

Therefore, this natural asthma remedy corrects and strengthen body posture especially for the chest, neck, shoulders and diaphragm.

The 7 yoga poses that will help are easy yoga pose, shoulder lifts, mountain pose, cobra pose, upward-facing dog, downward-facing dog, half-spinal twist, and corpse pose.

Besides correcting postures, yoga is a fantastic natural asthma remedy as it helps patients develop greater breathing mindfulness.

Studies have been conducted on the effects of breathing exercises to asthma.

Results of the study proved that regular breathing exercises reduced the need for preventer medications by up to 50% and reliever medications by up to 86%.

No doubt, many of you may not be able to practice yoga regularly in today’s busy schedule (which should still not be an excuse). An easier alternative would be meditation.

There are numerous meditation techniques. However, the most important aspect in any form of meditation is to develop a greater state of mindfulness. This helps patients cope with stress better and control their fear during an attack.

Yoga is also a great natural asthma remedy as it improves the energy imbalances that causes asthma.

Not confined to the practice of yoga, according to ancient chakra energy healing practice, asthma is associated with energy disharmony at the throat chakra.

This chakra has a lot to do with communication. Interestingly, disharmony at this chakra point usually means that the person has a problem expressing himself or herself.

Ask any asthma patients, and they will recall this to be true.

This knowledge of chakra energy healing is interesting as it clearly demonstrates how alternative natural asthma cures is a a holistic well-being of our mind, body and spirit.

Therefore, one of the change patients will notice when practicing these energy healing remedies is how they eventually also build greater self-image within the patient. Allowing patients to develop the confidence to express themselves clearly at optimum level! continue

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