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Reduce Dependency For Preventer Medications By Up To 50% And
Reliever Medications By Up To 86%.

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natural cures for asthma

When diagnosed with asthma, depending on the severity, patients are often prescribed a bronchodilator to open up the airways and an anti-inflammatory to suppress inflammation in the lungs.

They are without doubt effective in controlling the over reactiveness of the immune system in an asthmatic sufferer.

However, how would you like to reduce your dependency on these drugs?

Besides that, the airways are very sensitive to trigger factors. These trigger factors can range from cold air to dust mites and even stress. The slightest exposure to these trigger factors can cause an asthmatic attack.

Therefore, the first thing a patient should do is to identify these trigger factors and to avoid exposure to these trigger factors at all cost.

Imagine the quality of life if you are free from the boundaries of your trigger factors. We are going to really understand what is the core of the problem and explore various natural asthma cures.

So why is it important to integrate natural asthma cures with western medicine?

Studies have shown that the integrated use of alternative natural asthma cures like acupuncture with western medicine reduces the need for pharmacological treatments and its dependency.

Besides that, studies have demonstrated that acupuncture reduces the number of over reactive antibodies.

Chinese natural cures introduces a very important health concept that is contrastingly different from western medicine.

First of all, the condition is merely an energetic fault. You cannot fix the organic and bio-chemical faults if you have not corrected the energetic faults.

Interestingly, asthma is not just one condition of airway hyper reactivity. According to Chinese natural cures, the condition can be attributed to one of these 3 meridian organs i.e. lung, kidney and spleen.

One can quickly diagnose the origins of his/her asthma based on the symptoms that presents.

For example,

Of course, this is an over simplified approach. There are many more signs and signals used to identify which of the organ are having the disharmony.

Nonetheless, the singular goal of natural asthma cures, like energy healing, is to create energy harmony which stimulates the body to heal naturally.

Another effective natural asthma remedy is… continue

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