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The Shocking Evidence Of Energy For Health

The Health Ideology That Addresses The Core Of Every Health Issues

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aha energy healing

I know many of you have come across various ideology of wellness and I do not dispute them as our health is holistic and does not work singularly.

From the previous email, the one thing you must realize the inter-connectedness of various health ideologies.

Energy healing is probably one of the most important health concepts. Not only will it get to the core of any health issues, it will so prevent the development of illnesses.

Pappas and Wallach studied the relationship of energy and health. They accurately measured the electrical difference between the inside and the outside of cells. This is known as the transmembrane potential (TMP). They noticed that healthy cells would have TMP of -50 to -60 milliVolts. However, when the cell becomes sick, TMP goes to -15milliVolts.

At this point, the cells now start to multiply uncontrollably. This is an early indication of CANCER cells forming. Of course, at this stage, you would not be able to detect cancer through the normal bio-chemical markers used commonly in western medicine. (Very often, we can only detect cancer 2 years after it occurs.)

What is even more shocking is that when the energetic state of the cells is restored to normal, the cells miraculously returns to normal as well!

So if you alter the progression of diseases or even prevent it from occurring at the early stages, wouldn’t that be good?

Actually, this secret to holistic health has been known for thousands of years e.g. chinese natural cures and chakra energy healing.

In the past, I knew very little about acupuncture apart from the story of needles! Nonetheless, this form of Chinese natural cure is one of the most well accepted alternative medicines today. WHO, the World Health Organisation, published a report in year 2003 revealing the positive effects of acupuncture for a diverse list of diseases and ailments.

This includes diabetes, headaches, insomnia, hypertension etc.

Besides that, chakra energy healing which originated from india has been practiced even earlier than acupuncture. Similar to acupuncture, it looks at the energy flow and energy balance in our body. Unlike acupuncture, the centers of energy are the chakra points. There are 7 primary chakra points, each relating to specific organs in the body.

What’s even more intriguing about chakra healing is how energy disharmony at chakra points not only translates to ailments of specific organs, it also indicates the EMOTIONAL BLOCKAGE that the patient could be suffering. This interestingly demonstrates the HOLISTIC nature of health. Health is beyond physical but emotional or spiritual aspects are critical too.

That’s why many folks attacking their problems with western medicine in the physical dimension fail to get massive improvements.

What I eventually began to appreciate is that the world of alternative medicine works very differently from the western medicine world. Instead of resisting alternative medicine, I began to embrace it. Don’t you think these alternative treatments has a role side-by-side western medicine?

Please tell me what you think...

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