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Energetic Cage Prevents You From Achieving Your Maximum Potential

Is Your Past Haunting The Potential Of Your Future?

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Maximum potential

You’ve done everything you can and there seem to be an invisible barrier to achieving the relationship, the money, the success and the health you want.

How can you achieve your maximum potential when you have an invisible force preventing you from exactly what you want? This invisible force is known as the energetic cage.

Sometime of you may notice, there are certain recurring patterns in your life like...

These are just some of the signs that you have an energetic cage preventing you from achieving your maximum potential.

Hence, the Energetic Cage prevents your capacity to receive and give love. You have reduced sensitivity to feel good emotions. The energetic cage may lead to feelings of isolation, and to depression and various other problems.

How does this energetic cage come about?

Most of us have been through various events in our life that may be too overwhelm to cope. For example,

Although consciously you have forgotten about them, however, subconsciously, your body still remembers and stores these negative emotions. You may do the exact opposite to prevent similar from happening. This act can become an over compensation act that sabotages all that you want.

This sabotage will continuously prevent you from realising your true maximum potential.

These are some of the sabotage the energetic cage puts us in. So how can you achieve your maximum potential when you are sabotaging yourself and you are not sensitive to all that is going on around you?

Is your past haunting your future potential to succeed?

Before releasing my energetic cage, I’ve had situations where I got really good things coming to me. I thought to myself that I should be jumping for joy like a little kid given a lollipop. However, I seem to be emotionally paralysed and can’t seem to express happiness. I knew that something was preventing me from being free to feel!

Some of you reading this will know exactly what I am talking about...

Unfortunately, a majority of us do have this invisible energetic cage.

So what is this energetic cage?

Basically the energetic cage is layers of negative emotions that builds up over the years. This negative emotions forms an invisible energetic wall from the heart.

Using a magnetocardiogram (MCG), scientist are able to measure the magnetic field of the heart. (This is different from the electrocardiogram or ECG which measures the electrical field of the heart). Surprisingly, they found that the magnetic field of the heart stretches out to about 12 feet in diameter around the human body.

This energetic field carries messages to the rest of the body. Hence, the heart seems to be our “second brain”.

It is not uncommon where heart transplant recipients seems to receive the memories, the affinities and the core values of the donor.

So the question is, what are the messages that is being sent out from your heart to the rest of your body? Are they sabotaging what you are intentionally striving to achieve your maximum potential?

Breaking down the Energetic Cage that is restraining your fullest capacity and resolve years of misery of trying! Find out more about using Blocked Qi Release Technique to tearing down your energetic cage.

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