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Dr. Masaru Emoto Is Not The First To
Discover The Hidden Messages Of Water.

Water Molecules Held At 104.5 Degrees Creates Water Memory Effect.

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masaru emoto

previous Dr. Masaru Emoto is a renown expert in water crystals and has published numerous books on his work.

One of his most popular book published is “The Hidden Messages of Water”.

His work extensively studies the molecular transformation of water by freezing water droplets and examining them under dark field microscopy. These are then visually documented in photographs.

Employing this technique, he is able to demonstrate how the environment has an effect on water. Words like love and appreciation, thank you has good vibrations or positive energy. 

Positive energy produces beautiful water crystals. This crystalline structure is only produced when the water molecules from 'clusters'.

Negative energy prevents the formation of clusters. Hence, there are no water crystals.

I.H.M. Institute founded by Dr. Masaru Emoto carries out research on effects of alternative energy healing therapy products on the formation of water crystals as the only known way of reversing negative energy in water is by introducing positive energy.

However, Dr. Masaru Emoto is not the first person that discover the water memory effect.

The most prominent advocate of this idea of water memory was Jacques Benveniste, a French immunologist. His team at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) demonstrated that human basophils responded to solutions where it was previously exposed to human antibodies.

Though the solution was previously exposed to human antibodies, it has undergone a series of dilution to a point where not a single antibody was likely to remain. However, the human basophils formed an allergic reaction to this diluted solution just like it has encountered the original antibody.

It is worth noting that the solution is only 'imprinted' when it is violently shaken during the dilution process. At the time, Benveniste did not have a theoretical explanation for the witnessed.

Benveniste stated: "It's like agitating a car key in the river, going miles downstream, extracting a few drops of water, and then starting one's car with the water."

water memory Water is a facinating solid body comprising of oxygen and hydrogen. They cling to each other at an angle of 104.5 degrees. 

This bond creates an unstable molecular spherical or hexagonal shape as it is constantly trying to get into one of these shapes permanently. Hence, it creates some sort of "molecular dance".

This "molecular dance" is in a hyperstate where it all happens at rates of billion movements per second. As you can imagine, at a molecular level, water is an excited mass and amazingly restless and will always be vibrating.

Water molecules tend to form hexagon shape at temperatures below 0 Celsius. On the other hand, they tend to form spherical shape at temperatures above 0 degrees.

The only known way of reversing water memory effect and erasing hidden message of water is through vibrational re-energizing of the water.

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