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3 Things You Need To Practice Healing Meditation.

Extremely Simple Thing But Not Easily Practiced.
5 Minutes Is Already A Significant Progress. Do You Have An Object Of Focus?

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healing meditation
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previous ... Have you ever tried sitting down doing nothing at all? Even a minute can be quite unbearable for some.

Numerous studies have shown that healing meditation helps with conditions like:

Most noticeably, most people have a general feeling of happiness after meditating.

Nevertheless, when one decides on embarking on learning about meditation, there are an overwhelming number of meditation techniques available. 

The primary difference is the object of focus. 

For example, 

The best healing meditation is the one that you feel comfortable with.

There are 3 things that you need to practice healing meditation:

  1. Be relaxed. Find a quiet and comfortable environment to practice
  2. Keep your spine straight to allow optimal energy flow
  3. Have a single object of focus.

As you start learning to meditation, the first couple of session is often difficult. There is so much noise and clutter in your mind, you often wonder if you can actually do this. Nevertheless, no matter the level of experience, it will improve over time. Be patient. You may not realize it, but even if you practice it for 5 minutes, it would have already benefited you and you have progressed!

Hence, most people often don't realize how healing meditation is a form of energy healing therapy that is not spiritual but allows us to harness the power of our mind in harmonizing energy flow in our body. Success of meditation is our ability to persistently do it and learning to incorporate it into our daily lives.

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