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FIR Therapy Used To Detox.

Far Infrared Energy Can Penetrate Deep Into Tissues,
Releasing Toxins Back Into Bloodstream.

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fir therapy

previous ...this area proving the therapeutic effects of FIR heat therapy. Here are some of the numerous studies conducted to look at the benefits of using FIR Therapy:

The list goes on and I was just intrigued by the wonders of this little word.

FIR therapy works from the inside of the body, not just on the surface of the skin as it is able to penetrate deep in the muscular tissues and internal organs, i.e. 4 - 7cm. Far Infrared energy can penetrate deep as it vibrates at human body’s bio-frequency.

What FIR therapy do is:

  1. Natural Body Detox
  2. Source of vital energy

Natural Body Detoxification

Toxemia is a major contributor leading to chronic diseases. Toxins build up in our body to form toxic clumps usually at the weakest part of our body or in our fat cells. These toxic clumps impede blood circulation and energy flow.

FIR that is absorbed by the cells help to break up these toxic clumps releasing the toxins back into the bloodstream where they can be flushed out of the body.

By removing the toxin build up in our body, we act on the root of chronic diseases by reversing and preventing its progress.

Source Of Vital Energy

The balance and flow of energy is a fundamental aspect in maintaining our well-being holistically. In order to maintain this vital energy in our body, our chakra points are locations where our body is constantly drawing in energy from its environment.

Since, Far Infrared resonates at our body’s bio-frequency, this positive energy is absorbed easily. Sunlight is a natural source of Far Infrared energy for us. Therefore, it is necessary for us to get some exposure to sunlight. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight that contains ultra-violet rays is potentially damaging.

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