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Breakthrough! Designing A Wellness Program
Using Que Far-Infrared Benefits

If You Are Feeling Lethargic Or Getting Tired Easily,
It’s Time You Design A Wellness Program. Do Nothing At All To Stay Healthy.

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far infrared benefits

Most of us look for a quick fix solution, which is easy, natural and effective. That is important, as getting started is easy, but staying in one is the challenge.

Well, the solution may come from the sun.


Unlike UV ray that is in the spectrum of 0.2-0.4 microns, the sun has a therapeutic spectrum of 4.0-1.6 microns in the spectrum known as Far-Infrared (FIR). Far-infrared benefits have been applied since 1979.

Most people are attracted by FIR’s anti-aging effects. However, there are numerous scientific evidences to support the use of far-infrared in various health issues.

Interestingly, this energy resonates very closely to our body’s own health frequency. Hence, this wellness program effectively maintains our energy levels in healthy levels to promote overall wellness.

Sonne is a unique wellness program that is able to harness the far-infrared benefits and it is the only system that employs quantum energy field (Que) that further enhances the natural healing capabilities of the body by aligning our chakra points

Intriguing as it may seem, quantum energy field has been used for thousands of years. Only recently we are beginning to scientifically understand quantum energy in Chinese natural cures. It's mechanism of action may not be completely clear to us but today, we are able to 'duplicate' the health benefits of quantum energy field.

The synergistic que far-infrared benefits of Sonne are endless. This wellness program is easy as you do nothing at all. How difficult is that? Just 30 minutes daily helps with the following:

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