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Energy Can Be Used To Cook A Man's Meal, It Can Also Cook A Man! What About Scalar Energy?

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The company that is at the forefront in scalar energy products is called QNet. They introduced a range of products called Amezcua.

The first of the Amezcua range was the Amezcua Bio Disc. When they first introduced the product in year 2006, it quickly became a phenomenal success as people were just shocked by the amazing health transformations this product was able to achieve.

My first encounter was of my friends’ mom. She was ailling weak due to her diabetes. She had to take a handful of medications every morning due to her diabetes and the complications associated with it. Besides that, she had this terrible insomnia problem for the longest time.

She was never able to fall off to sleep before 2am and would always be rudely awaken by a intense leg cramp in the dawn of the morning. She was so weak that she was not able to carry out her daily chores.

My friend introduced the Amezcua Bio Disc to the family. They were just dumb founded at the amazing improvements. In just a brief month, her mother no longer suffers from that chronic insomnia problem and was able to sleep throughout the night.

Besides having her diabetes controlled, she is now strong enough to carry out her daily chores. She was so happy with the results she was in tears as she shared this testimony with me.

That was my turning point. Before this, I was skeptical. After that incidence, I began my journey researching about it and I am now confidence that it will make dramatic changes to you!

So how does this Amezcua Bio Disc Energy Healing works?

Well, if you are convinced of the idea of chinese energy healing with acupuncture but not the needles, this is your savior.

If you like the idea of balancing your chakra points for healing but not in favor of visiting a practitioner regularly this is a good choice.

If you believe that toxemia happens and that we need to regularly cleanse our body from the toxins that accumulates in the body, this is going to be a piece of cake.

Just when you thought you knew it all and heard it all, go to You cannot miss this breakthrough in health technology!

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