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Energy Wellness And Western Medicine: The Marriage Made In Heaven.

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Pop quiz... What is Cancer?

The image that very quickly comes to mind is a bunch of cells that has gone hay wire and is multiplying like CRAZY. The cells have somehow lost its control because of mutation and the body is not able to arrest this cell before it became rampant. Eventually a tumor forms and it interferes with the normal function of specific organ.

Usually your doctor would only be able to detect this mass of cells after it has progressed to a point where it can be detected from x-ray. Sadly, this could be two years in down the long quiet road.

We see all of this from a physical perspective and in western medicine, it is treated from a physical perspective by aggressively attacking these rapidly mutating cells with chemotherapy, radiotherapy or even removing them with surgery.

What if you can detect and act on these mutating cells way before it progresses?

In fact, you can!

Remember Pappas and Wallach from the first email? They were able to predict cancer formation by just measuring the energetic state of the cells. This low energetic state is a powerful indication way in advance of conventional methods like x-ray.

What was an even greater eye popper is how they showed the cells bounces back to normal again by just increasing the energetic level of the cells to its normal levels.

Impossible is nothing!

Reversing the energetic state will eventually translate to the correction of the physical state.

My enthusiasm was revving at high speed when I discovered this secret!

Today, there are many devices available in the market measuring this energetic state in the body.

I know you can’t get enough of this health facts.

Another chronic disease which is getting a lot of attention is Diabetes. The rate of people being inflicted by diabetes around the world is escalating significantly and it’s reaching the ceiling.

With diabetes, the obvious symptoms that we know about is the elevated blood glucose levels measured with simple test. Blood glucose creeps up due to the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin or the insulin is not able to metabolize glucose for our body to use as fuel.

We all know that!

What majority of people don’t realize is that those are only just symptoms. It’s the body screaming at us about its effort in trying to rectify a problem. Obviously, our body has not resolved the problem as it doesn’t have the right environment to do its job. And so the chronic disease advances.

In fact, in western medicine, we are taught in the school of pharmacy that there is no cure for diabetes. You can only manage the condition.

Do you really want to believe that?

I was brain washed to believe in that initially. However, I asked myself this... “surely the body wants to and can naturally heal”.

I was utterly surprised when I witness testimonies of people who reversed the condition of their diabetes with alternative medicines. I had to dig to the bottom for the answer.

For centuries, traditional chinese medicine practitioners has known the association of diabetes with energy disharmony. They have documented the cause of diabetes ranges from the deficiency of Qi and Yin of the kidney, spleen and internal heat. Therefore, in chinese energy healing, the treatment and acupuncture points used for each individual diabetic is different even though we see it as the same condition.

Besides that, in chakra energy healing, diabetes is a problem associated with energy disharmony of the third chakra or solar plexus chakra. Various methods like color therapy, reiki, yoga are employed to recreate the energy balance of this chakra point.

The heart of the matter is that chronic diseases may seem to be a symptomatic physical condition. In reality, the ailment is naturally neutralize by creating a favorable energetic environment for the body to naturally heal itself.

Therefore, what you will tend to see is a very gradual improvement of the condition as the body is slowly empowered to do the healing. Patience is truly of essence. On the other hand, in western medicine, as it targets the symptoms, the effects are perceived to be rapid. Not my preferred choice, as it is merely targeting the symptoms control and does not create that healing environment.

What’s your preferred choice?

Integrating the two modalities is probably the best option as we would want to target the short term and long term goals of wellness.

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