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At Last! Could This Be The Root Of Diseases?

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One of the most influential health environment revealed is our energetic environment.

Think about it.

Our heart is the most vital organ. 

When we go for a medical check up, how is your heart health measured?

The function of the heart is measured using ECG which measures the electrical impulses. So energy in our body is definitely not something new.

As a result, the energetic environment in our body is crucial.

What disrupts this energetic landscape?

There are primarily three pieces to the puzzle that impacts our energetic environment. This includes STRESS, WATER, and ENVIRONMENT.

STRESS is a common denominator that most of us already know it leads to an array of diseases. However, most folks are clueless how stress has a direct effect on our energetic environment.

I used to believe that we should strive to avoid stress. However, it is something that we cannot avoid. It would be a boring life if all we tried to do is to avoid stress. Preferably, stress is something where we need to learn how to manage it effectively.

I am excited as there is breakthrough methods that you can easily cope with your daily stress effectively.

So if you are not quite in favor of painfully elastic yoga poses and the pin drop silence of meditation, there is a breakthrough method in rapidly harmonizing these energy.

I know you will be EXCITED as we all live a stressful life, not just at work but also coping with family challenges. We need all the help we can get. Don’t we?

Now lets focus our thoughts on WATER. Yup, water is life.

Not only is water a key component for every bodily functions. It also plays a significant role in delivering vital life force energy or Qi to our body. This is obvious as 70% of our body is composed of water and we consume it like clock work every day.

The sad reality is that majority of folks gulp down gallons of water, yet, they don’t realize the body is still dehydrated. Basically, though the volume of water is fulfilled the water is not delivering life force energy.

The natural life force energy found in water has been stripped from water causing water to be ‘dead’. This is especially true for many of us living in the cities or developed countries as our tap water are processed to the point where all the life force energy has been squeezed out.

Like a drying pack of battery, the body gradually looses its energy and its ability to support all energetic needs diminishes, such as toxemia.

The final element is ENVIRONMENT or our surroundings. Truth be told, this is an area which is becoming extensively alarming. With modern day development, we all live in surroundings that is flooded with pollution.

Factories are emitting air pollution and water pollution that governments in the world are trying to combat. Our hope seems faint.

To make matters worse, there is a new form of pollution which is know as ELECTRO-SMOG. These are electromagnetic radiation that is transmitted from our mobile phones, antenna, WiFi even our energy saving bulb contributes.

We are part of the universe and we are not a separate physical being. We are constantly interacting with the energies around us. One concept that supports this is Chakra Healing. There are 7 major chakra points and they are vortex of energies that absorbs energy from the environment.

These chakra points absorbs positive and negative energies. If we are exposed to a lot of these bad negative energies in the environment like e-smog, it takes a toll on our health.

I bet you want to know if you are affected by e-smog. Visit, there a is brief list of symptoms.

Last but not least, energy disharmony is the root of chronic diseases. Remarkably, by just correcting the energy disharmony, it can prevent and reverse the progression of any chronic disease.

Isn’t this truly a magic bullet? Believe it or not...

Read all about energy disharmony at

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