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I must confess I was in that category. So, I understand how you feel.

Lets face it; we have been OVER EXPOSED to western medicines and its ways of working.

It's not a bad thing!

However, I was very curious about the amazing stuff alternative medicine claims. I had to dig for solid facts.

What I eventually began to appreciate is that the world of alternative medicine works very differently from the western medicine world. Instead of resisting alternative medicine, I began to embrace it. Today, I believe it has a role side-by-side western medicine.

Sure there are some hocus pocus stuff out there but lets not deny ourselves of the good stuff either.

Western medicine uses clinical trials to justify its use because they are synthetically produced and the statistical results serve primarily for commercial purposes. On the other hand, most alternative medicines do not need these statistical evidence as they often have dramatic testimonies that are often unfounded in the western medicine world. Nonetheless, statistically, they would be significant as they have often been practiced for thousands of years.

The only problem with alternative medicine is the duplicability of results as it often depends on the skill of the therapist. So for all intense and purposes, lets just look at the science of these alternative or holistic remedies.

I am sure you will be as passionate as I am about energy wellness when you grasps its entire concept!

Lets us begin our journey by exploring the emerging evidences supporting various energy healing therapies.

chinese natural cures

In the past, I knew very little about acupuncture apart from the story of needles! Nonetheless, this Chinese Natural Cure is one of the most well accepted alternative medicines today. WHO, the World Health Organisation, published a report in year 2003 revealing the positive effects of acupuncture for a list of diverse diseases and ailments.

Survey the market and you will find many western practitioners who incorporate acupuncture in their practice of medicine.

Simplistically, acupuncture studies the effects on energy flow, also known as Qi, in the 12 meridians located throughout our body. It is an ingenious health map that is able to accurately translate to any health problems by looking at the Qi flow. When energy disharmony is present, the Qi flow may be blocked or imbalanced. This eventually results in physical health issues and symptoms.

chakra energy healing

Some of us may have also heard of Chakra Energy Healing . Due to its origins and practice some perceive it to be spiritual. However, it is far from that.

Chakra healing originated from India and have been practiced even earlier than acupuncture. Similar to acupuncture, it looks at the energy flow and energy balance in our body. Unlike acupuncture, the centers of energy are the chakra points. There are 7 primary chakra points, each relating to specific organs in the body.

What’s even more intriguing about chakra healing is how energy disharmony at chakra points not only translates to ailments of specific organs, it also indicates the EMOTIONAL BLOCKAGE that the patient could be suffering. This interestingly demonstrates the HOLISTIC nature of health. Health is beyond physical but emotional or spiritual aspects are critical.

That's why many folks attack their problems with western medicines in the physical dimension with very little results.

Do you wish to deal with these negative energies better?

Acupuncture and Chakra Healing are two of many forms of Energy Healing Therapy . It supports the concept that our energy balance in the body is a vital function to our well being. This energy disharmony happens way before any biochemical or organic changes can be detected in western medicine.

Even the western science world is finding these therapies of great interest and there are many emerging evidences demonstrating the science of energy healing.

Pappas and Wallach studied the relationship of energy and health. They accurately measured the electrical difference between the inside and the outside of cells. This is known as the transmembrane potential (TMP). They noticed that healthy cells would have TMP of -50 to -60 milliVolts. However, when the cell becomes sick, TMP goes to -15milliVolts.

What is even more shocking is that the cells now start to multiply uncontrollably. This is an early indication of CANCER cells are forming. Of course, at this stage you would not be able to detect cancer through the normal bio-chemical markers used commonly in western medicine. Very often, we can only detect cancer 2 years after it occurs.

So if you can alter the progression of diseases or even prevent it from occuring at the early stages, wouldn't that be good?

natural body detox

What’s also going to raise your eyebrows is Body Detox. Crowds of people are beginning to accept the need to practice body detoxification for general well-being. It eliminates toxins that are believed to build up in the body, eventually leading to chronic diseases.

Truth be told, this concept of detoxification is not entirely separate from energy healing. JH Tilden was the first to hypothesize the concept of Toxemia . He arguably put forth a 7-stage progress to chronic diseases from toxemia.

The entire process of toxemia actually starts from a low state of energy. Hence, if the energy balance and flow in our body is proper, toxins will not even accumulate. Your body’s own defense mechanism can eliminate the toxins naturally.

Therefore, body detox that many folks talk about also involves the ENERGETIC nature of our health.

I know many of you have come across various concepts of wellness and I do not dispute them as our health is holistic and does not work singularly. However, energy healing is one of the most important health concepts, which will get to the root of the problem and empower your body to HEAL naturally.

So the most important health paradigm shift to maintain our wellness is to maintain harmonious energy. Learn more about various energy healing therapies at

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