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Alternative Energy Healing Therapy Gets To The
Root Of The Problem.

All-In-One Alternative Energy Healing Therapy To Preventing Toxemia, Harmonizing Chakra Points, Balancing Qi Meridian Flows.

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energy healing therapy
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For centuries, man has known the healing properties found in many natural water springs like Lourdes in France. Science discovered that as the water emerges from the ground, it passes through the basaltic rock in these areas that generates energy fields, which are at our bio-frequency level. It has been found that these energy fields resonate from the minerals found in these basaltic rocks. Hence, the water has the right bio-frequency to increase and harmonize our body energy level.

How Does This Energy Healing Therapy Work?

Toxemia is one of the primary causes of illnesses where the body is not able to remove toxins from our body. Using this healing energy enhances and improves the biocompatibility of water molecules improving the transport of nutrients into our body cells and effectively removing toxins from our cells.

This alternative energy healing is proven to improve the quality of water as it reduces the water surface tension value making it more hydratious.

tap water tension energised water tension

Besides that, through microscopic evaluations, it produces beautiful and good water crystals, which indicates water with high energy levels and good quality.

Most importantly, this is an alternative energy healing therapy product as increases and harmonizes the energy levels in our body. This is the foundational principles used in chakra healing, accupuncture, natural body detox even aromatherapy.

energy healing therapy before energy healing therapy after
Energy Levels Measured with Prognos BEFORE Energy Levels Measured with Prognos AFTER

Using healing energy is an ideal natural therapy to revitalize your body and create an ideal environment for your body to naturally heal.

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