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Alternative Energy Healing For Diabetes.

You Don’t Have Diabetes, You Just Have Low Energy State!

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energy healing for diabetes

previous … already weakened as it is deprived of energy.

That’s exactly why diabetics get tired or fatigued easily!

Insulin is a hormone that allows our cells to absorb glucose and turn it into energy. In western medicine, diabetes is a condition in which the body either does not produce sufficient, or does not properly react to insulin, which is produced in our pancreas. With diabetes, the body either fails to properly react to its own insulin, does not make sufficient insulin, or both. This causes glucose to accumulate in the blood.

Most of our efforts are focused on the symptoms of attacking the glucose problem. However, the greater problem is that the body is weak and not able to naturally heal itself without the energy it requires.

Hence, one of the most important secrets of healing diabetes is energy!

Panos T. Pappas and Charles Wallach, discovered the relation between energy and our health by measuring the transmembrane potential in the cells. They found that healthy cells have a transmembrane potential range of -50 to -60milliVolts.

However, as our cell sickens, this transmembrane potential is compromised.

This change in energy state occurs before any bio-chemical or organic changes in our body.

Therefore, western medicine merely looks at blood tests and bio-chemical changes like glucose to diagnose and manage diabetes. On the contrary, there is increasing evidence of using alternative energy healing for diabetes that harmonizes energy in our body.

This may sound a little alien to some folks. However, energy healing like acupuncture and chakra healing has been used for thousands of years. Check if energy is causing your health problems with Free Energy Test.

So what has energy got to do with health?

The symptoms are merely signals that the body is trying to resolve the problem but has not succeeded in doing so.

Lets look at the evidence of how the disharmony of energy leads to diabetes.

According Traditional Chinese Medicine or Chinese energy healing, the condition is merely an imbalance of yin and yang energy that regulates the function of the body.

Diabetes is usually a result of the deficiency of kidney essence. However, they recognize that the problem ranges from deficiency of Qi and Yin of the kidney, spleen and internal heat. There is also hyperactivity of stomach fire and excessive heat in the lung.

As a result, acupuncture points are chosen based on the diabetic medical history, and specific stage of diabetes advancement. Hence, in Chinese energy healing for diabetes, acupuncture points used for each individual patient differ even for the same illness.

There are various studies demonstrating how acupuncture helps in diabetes.

For example, a review by Hui, which appeared in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1995; 15: 145-154 found that acupuncture has a 3 fold benefit on diabetes. Firstly, it increases insulin synthesis in the pancreas, increase the utilization of glucose and increasing the number of receptors on target cells. Hence, resulting in the lowering of blood sugar.

Hence, energy healing for diabetes provides our body the necessary energy, it allows our body to start working effectively again and begin the healing process.

There are a diverse variety of energy healing for diabetes like acupuncture, yoga, meditation, color therapy. When you recognize the significance of energy in diseases, your paradigm of possibility expands.

This concept of… continue

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